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FREE controls for uniGUI 


I've decided to release 3x uniGUI controls as a gift to the Delphi / uniGUI community..


Attached is a simple wrapper for the SweetAlert2 library.  (QUICK HACK.. No unit testing, no tidy up etc..)

** No warranty - Use at your own risk **

FREE for commercial use, etc.. (just don't remove the copyright header).


1) Compile the Package/Install

2) Make sure your path includes the control folder

3) Copy the files/sweetalert folder into your project

4) Drag/Drop the uniSweetAlert control onto your form.


Simple usage like:


procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject);





// or like


   UniSweetAlert1.Error('Oops','Something went wrong');


// or like


   UniSweetAlert1.Error('Oops','Error again','FixMe',3000);


// or like


   UniSweetAlert1.Question('Is this true','Please click one of the options below:','YES','NO',3000);


// or like


   UniSweetAlert1.title := 'Hello';

   UniSweetAlert1.text  := 'Testing';

   UniSweetAlert1.alertType := TAlertType.success;




// Events for Confirm or Cancel/Dismiss


procedure TMainForm.UniSweetAlert1Dismiss(Sender: TObject);


   UniButton1.Caption := 'DIS';




procedure TMainForm.UniSweetAlert1Success(Sender: TObject);


   UniButton1.Caption := 'CLICKED';




Either (1) set properties and call .ShowMessage;


Or call the Error, Info, etc methods.

The second control is a wrapper for jQuery Toast:

(uniJToast currently has properties, a simple ShowMessage and events for Before/After Show/Hide.)

The third and final control is a wrapper for iTyped:

Simply add the uniTyped control (resize to your size).

var s: TStrings;


  s := TStringList.Create;

  s.Add('Welcome to the jungle');

  s.Add('Restarting soo...');

  UniTyped1.text := s;





Just set the properties in the control and do a UniTyped.PlayTyped.

Source code and Example for all controls is available below:





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Updated Contact Details 

If your in Australia, Singapore, London (UK), San Francisco or New York (USA) you can call one of our local offices for all your software needs.

Australia - Newcastle - Ph: (02) 4040-9827
USA - San Francisco - Ph: +1 (650) 457-0102
USA - New York - Ph: +1 (347) 434-9330
UK - London - Ph: +44 (20) 364-20520
Singapore - Ph: +65 315-91468


These details are shown on our Office and Contact Pages (as shown below):

Office Locations


Map showing Office Locations


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WiseJ 10% off – CODE: 5B6B5E 

Wisej is an open Web Integrated Server Environment to design, build, debug, and manage Real Time Web Applications using C#/VB.NET and JavaScript in Visual Studio.

Fast Development
Create complex Web Applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ASP.NET or MVC.

Flat Learning Curve

C# and VB.NET developers are productive in no time using a familiar development environment and a well-established programming paradigm.

Open and Integrated

Wisej integrates any third party JavaScript widget in a standard and consistent framework, making the resulting application easier to maintain and to deploy.



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New Singapore Office 

CastleSoft is proud to announce the opening of our Singapore office (details shown below and on our contact and offices pages). If your in Australia, Singapore, London (UK), San Francisco or New York (USA) you can call one of our local offices for all your software needs.




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