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CastleSoft Pty Ltd. was founded in May 1995 with the goal of providing quality software consulting services to businesses in a diverse range of industries which included: government, accounting, superannuation, mining, utilities, defense, education and small business. With over 22 years experience in a vast array of business types, CastleSoft has developed a solid understanding of what businesses need and their unique demands and requirements. In May 2017 CastleSoft celebrated its 22nd Anniversary, and while the last 22 years of consulting has been a rewarding experience for both our staff and customers, it was time to refocus our efforts to meet the demands of the desktop, mobile, cloud, web, wearable, social, console and Internet of Things (IoT) generation. In July 2015, CastleSoft transitioned from a Software Consulting Company to a Software Development Company delivering what we believe are the highest quality software and services available. We look forward to delivering a new range of products and services, to meet the ever expanding demands of the multi-device/cross platform landscape.

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CastleSoft 22 Years
Our goal is to make the best software in the world, and to make products we are proud to sell and recommend to our family and friends. We want to do this at the lowest price we can, but we will not sacrifice quality for price. Put simply, we just won’t ship junk.


Andrew TierneyName: Andrew Tierney
Position: CEO
Qualifications: Bachelor of Mathematics with Computer Science
The University of Newcastle, AUSTRALIA.

CastleSoft was founded in 1995 by Andrew, to deliver quality software solutions to all types of business. With over 25 years of extensive experience in the IT industry, and a Bachelor of Mathematics with Computer Science, Andrew is well placed to provide expert guidance and advise to customers on their current and future IT needs.
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University of Newcastle