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Below is a post by "Smart Mobile Studio"  - Looking forward to the next release...

We are working very hard on the Smart RTL update, full time and almost round the clock. We have done some amazing refactoring and optimalization that gives Smart applications even more power. And we are going over the system with a fine tooth comb.

On the demo side we will be shipping probably the biggest demo any software development product has done to date - namely the Smart Desktop (also known as Amibian.js). The desktop even includes a working emulator so you can run legacy Amiga software in your browser.

The demo is intended to show many different techniques and how you can use Smart to leverage standard web technologies. For example, if you drop a zip archive on the desktop it will mount the archive as a drive. We are positive that our users will appreciate our solutions for what have traditionally been native only code.

More exciting is how you can easily run your Smart applications as the only program running on a pc. So when Linux boots up it simply boots straight into your web application without anything else (a full-screen web view). This opens up for some very interesting solutions, at a fraction of the cost compared to native development.

So there are exciting days ahead! Stay tuned!


Posted by Andrew Tierney Wednesday, August 9, 2017 9:42:00 PM Categories: embarcadero smart mobile studio


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