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Our goal is to make the best software in the world, and to make products we are proud to sell and recommend to our family and friends. We want to do this at the lowest price we can, but we will not sacrifice quality for price. Put simply, we just won’t ship junk.

Andrew Tierney
Founder | CEO | CTO 

About Us

CastleSoft Pty Ltd. was founded on May 26, 1995 by Andrew Tierney a day before his 26th birthday. 
A graduate of the University of Newcastle in April 1993,  Andrew used the Bachelor of Mathematics with Computer Science degree to establish a company delivering quality software solutions and services at affordable prices.

Over the last 28 years, CastleSoft has provided quality software solutions to businesses in a diverse range of 
industries which included: government, accounting, superannuation, mining, utilities, defence, education and small business. 
This experience has allowed CastleSoft to develop a solid understanding of what businesses need and their unique demands and requirements. Our software solutions are available on desktop, mobile, web, cloud, wearable, social, console and IoT platforms. 

CastleSoft is a Software Development Company delivering what we believe are the highest quality software and services available. 

CastleSoft ® is a registered Trademark of CastleSoft Pty Ltd. 
(Trademark No. 870506) 
The CastleSoft Logo is copyright ©
 2002-2023, CastleSoft Pty Ltd.

CastleSoft Studios

CastleSoft Studios is a division of CastleSoft Pty Ltd. which specialises in the development and publishing of Graphical, Gaming, Education and Entertainment content.

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Supported Platforms

Our software runs on a wide variety of devices, these include...


Apple iPhone
Android Phones


Apple macOS
& Linux


Apple Watch
Android Wearables


Microsoft XBox
Sony Playstation
Nintendo Switch
Apple & Android TV


Apple iPad
Android Tablets


Windows 2019+ 
Linux Servers
(Ubuntu, Red Hat, 
Centos & Debian)


Amazon AWS
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure


IoT Devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32, ODroid and NVidia Jetson Nano

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